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Katerina Jebb is a leading UK photographer who is famous for her unconventional technique using an industrial size photocopier machine to create striking pictures. Her traditional photographic works are made unique through her use of colour and composition in the prints. Katerina's "photocopier" pieces involving Tori Amos are featured in the From The Choirgirl Hotel album and tourbook. It has been noted that each final piece is actually "a collage of pictures with subtle changes that give the work interest and character."

"I saw both of the photographers books. Katerina Jebb. She did the cover and some of the inner photos. The cover is me being on a photocopier and how you accomplish this is by snogging a machine. You have to suspend it in mid air, because it's not as big as your body, and for seven minutes it's photocopying your thoughts. The strange thing is, they're only two of these machines in Europe and they are in actual photocopy shops, so I was on this machine while Tom and Petera were on their computers, and I'm suctioned to it in the corner. As they continue doing their thing. It's all a bit strange. ...."
--Tori Amos, SonicNet/Yahoo! Chat, April 13, 1998

Tori Amos clambered on top of a photocopier to create this Katerina Jebb picture for the artwork on her forthcoming, as yet untitled, album. "Picture This," Amos told Q. "There's a photocopy office, the fluorescent light is still buzzing and there I am snogging the massive machine in the corner. The only way you can stay on the machine is to have a piece of your body suctioned onto it. It takes seven minutes a picture."
--Tori Amos, Q Magazine, April 1998


MUSICIANS Katerina's photography was also featured in Kylie Minogue's Breathe, Hits +; Paddy Casey's Amen (So Be It); Mica Paris' Whisper a Prayer; and INXS' Full Moon, Dirty Hearts album.

EDITORIAL Techno-Ophelia, Vogue Australia, Feb 1998

BOOKS Fashion Images de Mode 6
Edited by Lisa Lovatt-Smith
"Globally recognized as a leading brand in fashion and photography, the rigorously selected shoots form a style bible for the year, crossed with a crystal ball into the coming seasons. Edited by Lisa Lovatt-Smith, this year�s deluxe swagbag of sexy, shouty and brilliantly subtle victories for human decor features a meditation on the fine art of androgyny by Mariuccia Casadio with illustrations from Annette Aurell, an in-depth look at the legacy of Jean Loup Sieff by Tiggy Maconochie and the personal choice of uber-chic photographer Terry Richardson. With a preface by Rankin and photographic contributions from David LaChapelle, Elaine Constantine, Katerina Jebb, Andrea Giacobbe, Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, this year�s publication is as haute directional as it gets. Fashion Images de Mode: a thing of beauty and a resource forever."
ISBN: 1 903399 48 3
Published: September 2001
208 Pages

FILM Zoom: Films by Fashion Photographers
Five slots introducing films made by fashion photographers. Credits: TITLES Rupert Murray/ PROD Richard Farmbrough/ EXEC PROD John Wyver. PROD TEAM Juergen Teller, MMIS Fule, Kate Moss, Shannan Peckham; Norfolk 30.01.99 Featuring Julian Browne/ ASST DIR Inigo christie/ DIR, CAM Donald Christie; Original Size Not Recognizable Featuring Louies Cheng at Storm/ CAM Orlando Stuart/ MUS Yugi Sagae and Laurent Anzi Mony/ DIR Katerina Jebb; Untitled Feturing Marisa Heath at Take Two/ CAM, Dir John-Paul Pietrus/ MUS Muslim Gauze at Soleil Moon Records; This Dress is Killing Me featuring Vivien Solari at Models 1/ CAM Orlando Stuart, Dir Tesh Patel.

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