The BOOTLEGS section contains all of the Tori Amos bootlegs that I'm aware of that exist. Each bootleg is documented with cover photos, descriptions, track listings -- complete with links to song lyrics and a review where available.

Since bootlegs are by nature not regulated or documented, there really is no feasible way to list ALL the ones ever made. However, with the help of the Tori Amos Collectibles book by Paul Campbell, along with my own personal findings and the help of other fans, this section is now the most complete tori amos bootleg discography. If you know of a bootleg not listed in this section, and you can provide or direct me to a track listing and scan of the cover, please email me. Thanks!

After The Rain
After Burn
Cornflake Girl
Covering 'Em
Down Under The Pink '94
Europe 1992
The Gipsy
I Like Led Zeppelin And I Love The Stones
In The Breeze
A Kiss On The Glass
L'Affaire d'Amoreuse
Legend Of A Girl Child
Live In Canada '92
Live In Montreux 1992
A Message For Your Heart
Me And A Piano
On Tour
The Piano
Pieces Of Me
Savior Beneath These Dirty Sheets
Self Gratification
Silent All These Years
Silent All These Years
Teen Spirit
Thank You Angie
Tori Amos
Tori Amos Live
Tori Stories
Tori's Choice
Toronto 1992
Under The Covers
Under The Pink Tour 1994
Unplugged Girl
White Horses
Whole Lotta Teen Spirit
Years Of Silence