Mary Jane

Then he said, “Mom I want to forna…
I mean formulate and discover the realms of the unknown
with Mary Jane
After all you’ll be away for the weekend
Just please consent
I need a friend”

I admit your puberty was somewhat strange
Could this be fixed with Mary Jane?
Mary Jane Mary Jane Mary Jane Who?

Then I said, Son you want to permeate
And discover the realms of the unknown
With Mary Jane
After all the other boys that are your age
They only wake to medicate

Do I know her family?
Is she even mannerly when she’s out in society?
“She even bakes”
She even bakes?
“These odd brownies”
Mary Jane Mary Jane Mary Jane Who?

Then he said, “I believe in her family,
On her maternal side there was a
Dr. Tetrahydrocannabinol Pure Isomer Dronabinol
Mary Jane Who.

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Written by Tori Amos
Piano & vocals: Tori Amos






‘Mary Jane,’ Amos admitted, was a true story about a teenage boy who asked his mother if he could spend the weekend with, well, Mary Jane. His mother, who was leaving town, thought it as a birds and bees moment. Turns out, dude just wanted weed.
Tori Amos Seduces SXSW, 3/20/09

That’s about a teenage boy who tries to get his mother to agree to let him have maryjane over for the weekend and she of course thinks it’s a girl.
SPIN/Myspace Interview, SXSW 2009


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