In the Lush
Virginia hills
they kept her as
long as they could
Cause they knew
when the white
brother found
white shell Beads
wrapped around
her skin — a life
giving river —
Her body open
as will his hand
And with a
there she goes

she may Betray
All that she loves
and even wait
for their
to come
And in some things,
maybe he’ll be
But as always
The thing that he
he will change
from her sunrise
to clockwise to soul trading
still she’ll lay down
her Body
covering him
all the same

so Hundreds of
years go by
(the Red Road carved
up by Sharp Knife)
She’s a girl
out working her
and she loses
a little each
to ghetto pimps
and presidents
who try and
her turquoise
She can’t recall
what they represent
and when you
ask, she won’t know

she will Betray
All that she loves
and even wait
for their
to come
And in some things
maybe he’ll be right
But as always
The thing that be
Loves he will
change from her
sunwise to clockwise
to soul trading
still she’ll lay
down her Body
covering him all
the same
oh Virginia
do you remember
when the Land held
your hand
oh Virginia
she will let you back in
oh Virginia
you can’t remember
your name

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written by Tori amos
Drums: Matt Chamberlain
Bass: Jon Evans
Dobro: Robbie McIntosh
Bosendorfer & Vocals: Tori Amos

Featured On

Scarlet’s Walk






In VIRGINIA, Scarlet makes her way up to Washington and visits Jamestown, one of the earliest settlements. She wonders how a land built on the notion of freedom for the settlers could deny freedom to the native American people. “In her mind she sees the white brother coming and the young native American girl following. The mythology of another land has been imposed on America.”
– Scarlet’s Walk bio

“I was working with rhythms and tones that came intrinsically with the land. So in Virginia, for instance, I would pull in certain instruments and rhythms and voicings.”
– Tori;

“Going and visiting Virginia, there’s a sweetness and a sadness because she’s able to hear this voice that goes back hundreds of years. She’s able to go back in time with this voice and she’s able to really see sort of the innocence of America at that time. As as teenager. She sees some of it in Scarlet’s Walk but it gets very mature that voice in Scarlet’s Walk – it’s all knowing America when she talks to Scarlet about what happened. But in Virginia, you know, she’s a young girl. And I guess Scarlet is trying to go back in time and talk to America as that teenager. And say, ‘hey, you know, you might not want to be so trusting.’ or ‘hey, you know, you might wanna think about this before you stop speaking your language here, here and here and give it all up and renounce what your soul know is true.’ Ohh, all those things that you wanna tell somebody who’s a teenager.”
– Scarlet Stories CD


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