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Trent Reznor, the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and creative force behind Nine Inch Nails, trained as a classical pianist during his small-town Pennsylvania childhood, but his discovery of rock and early industrial bands, despite his dislike of the "industrial" tag, changed his musical direction completely. Following a period working in a Cleveland recording studio and playing in local bands, Reznor began recording as Nine Inch Nails in 1988. The dark, atmospheric Pretty Hate Machine, written, played and co-produced by Reznor, was largely synthesizer-based, but the material was transformed onstage by a ferocious wall of guitars, and show-stealing Lollapalooza performances in 1991. Coupled with a major US radio hit with "Head Like A Hole", it brought platinum status. By this time, Reznor had relocated to Los Angeles, building a studio in a rented house at 10050 Cielo Drive, which he later discovered was the scene of the Tate murders by the Manson family (much to his disgust, due to eternal interview questions thereafter about the contribution of the house's atmosphere to The Downward Spiral). Occupying the middle ground between the styles of previous releases, The Downward Spiral's multi-layered blend of synthesizer textures and guitar fury provided a fascinating soundscape for Reznor's exploration of human degradation through sex, drugs, violence, depression and suicide, closing with personal emotional pain on "Hurt". Official Website: nin.com

The rumor is that Tori and Trent had an actual relationship beyond friendship, which is why there is such intense feelings displayed when either one comes up for the other person. Another rumor is that Tori's song She's Your Cocaine is the "Ballad of Trent and Courtney Love". Finally, Trent's song Starfuckers Inc. has been thought to be related to Tori soley because she uses the word "starfucker" in her song Professional Widow. However, others have noted that Trent's Starfuckers Inc. is actually about Marilyn Manson, and not at all about Tori. Tori has performed Nine Inch Nail's Hurt several times as bridges and intros to her songs, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Precious Things, Bells For Her, and Blood Roses during live concerts over the years. While it is obvious that something happened to the friendship between Tori and Trent, it seems best to assume that we don't really know much at all. A good site to visit to find out more quotes on the Tori & Trent connection is Conspiracy?


I: I have to ask you about Trent Reznor helping you out on this album; Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. First of all, what did he say to you about the Nine Inch Nails reference in "Precious Things" on your last album?
T: We didn't talk about it.
I: Do you think he was aware of it? Had he ever heard it?
T: Yes. He is. He's aware.
I: He is featured on a song called "Past the Mission."
T: Yeah, he's singing. And this... When I was writing the song, the song said, "I think Trent Reznor would be really good to sing on me." And I said, "Yeah, I'm sure you do. But I don't really know if that's possible." And the song said, "It's possible. So just, like, make it happen." So I met him and I went up to the Sharron Tate house...
I: Which he is renting in Beverly Hills.
T: Yeah. You have to go through a bit of security to get in. And it's a very spooky house, knowing what it is and then walking... And you look in the helter skelter book and you just see you see the house and it's, like, that picture... He'd be showing me the pictures going, "See this door!" I go, " Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see the door." "It's... See... This is where..." They have the control room where Sharron Tate passed away. And it's just weird that when I was a young kid and we'd see the pictures in the book, I had no idea I'd ever be standing there. And standing there with Trent, it's kinda' even goofier. He was, I think, wonderful for this piece.
-- Tori; Tea With The Waitress

T: When I was writing the song, the song said "I think Trent Reznor would be really good to sing on me." So I made it happen, and I met him. I flew into Los Angeles and I went up to the Sharon Tate house where he was staying. It's a very spooky house, not in the way it looks but just because you know what it is.
I: You told me a story about cooking chicken for him in the Tate house which gave you an indication that maybe things were kinetically strange there.
T: I can make this chicken. Whatever he tells you, ever, the truth is I make really good chicken. It's oven fried and I've been making it since I was a little kid. It's awesome how it dribbles down your chin and the butter -- yummy. I was woried about his health because he's not eating a lot, it doesn't seem like he is, and I just said "Let me make some chicken. I'd feel really good if I could do that." And so he said "Yeah, come on up and make it. [But] I don't believe you're really as good [at it] as you say you are." And I said "No, I make good chicken, Trent." And so I brought all the ingredients and I swear to you for the life of me, I couldn't make this chicken. HORRIBLE. It's not like I'd been proven wrong. But anything that is cooked there, my chicken being the only experience I had, of course....Nothing bakes. So I don't know what to tell you, but I think it's a very weird place because -- I promise you, I know how to make this chicken!
-- Tori; WHFS Press, Spring 94

I: Exactly. But one of your friends, Trent Reznor. I was reading something about you cooking dinner for him over at that scary house.
T: Well, look, he's so anorexic sometimes. I just look at him and go, baby, you need my cooking honey. And he was very open to the idea because, you know, I don't think he gets much nurturing, that guy. There's just not a lot of nurturing going on. Anyway, so I went over there and I brought all my little supplies because they only have Coca-cola in the fridge.
I: In case you don't know, this is the house where Sheryl Tate was...
I2: Sharon Tate.
T: Yeah. That house.
I: Yeah. That's a spooky to me.
T: It's torn down now.
I2: I want to hear what you cooked, this is interesting.
T: Well I was gonna make him baked chicken because like, look, I'm from the South, I know how to make chicken, I've been making it since I was 10 years old, with my Nanny, my Grandmother in the kitchen, where it's dripping down your chin, and that whole buttery thing, right? Well I'm making it, and _nothing's happening_. I mean its just, yes it's cooking right, the oven's cooking, I've made it the same time, the same way that I've made it for 20 years. And it's _not working_. I mean, you know how globs of flour were collecting on the chicken. And, it just wasn't working, nothing was working, and he's standing there with his arms folded thinking he's like, I'm not applying to be your wife or anything. I mean this isn't what's happening anyway. So why are you not giving me a chance? This is wrong. This is your house. And I called my mother on the phone, things got so bad, and I said, Mom, what's wrong, I can't make this chicken for this guy, and she goes, well you know honey, I heard the Folger's coffee heiress was also in that house, and she died that night, and I think there's a curse on anything that has to do with culinary things. And I'm like, thanks, Mom.
-- Tori; 99X Radio Interview, Aug 5, 1994

I: When I heard that you worked w/ Trent Reznor, I had no idea what to expect, but what was it like working with him?
T: (pause) (she smiles) (laughter) Well...it's been a learning experience (pause) (laughter) .. Yes? (next question)
-- Tori; UCLA Interview

"He [Trent] comes from a very religious background too."
-- Tori; B Side #44, Apr/May 1994

Tori lists Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral as one of her top 10 favorite albums.
-- Vox Magazine, May 1994

"Well, I'm a bit of a lunatic right now. I called my friend Trent Reznor -- I was lying on the marble. There's this marble little sit place at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago, with the windows, and I was just losing my mind a little bit. Don't think I was thinking of anything so cliche, right, but you know, I was thinking of at least throwing my ice cream out the 26th floor, or the telephone. And he said, `You can't, Tori. I've been in that Ritz Carlton in Chicago, and the windows are inverted, so I'm not worried.' So there's kind of something wonderful about having friends that go through what you go through. You have your buddies that understand. Obviously Robert Plant can't understand, because all he says to me is, `Why are you touring? Just come to Wales and we'll watch the butterflies and talk about great Welsh stories.' I was going, `Yeah, a legend can say that, you know?'"
-- Tori; Baltimore Sun, Jul 1994

"Trent's a friend, and sometimes friends affect you. I have a lot of respect for the men who've taught me things, whoever they are, from [writer-artist] Neil Gaiman to Michael Stipe to [former boyfriend] Eric Rosse to Trent to my father. They're different people who've taught me a lot of different things and they all wave hello and wave goodbye. Some people will read whatever they want to into the songs, but there are many layers and levels. I've felt deep things for the men who've taught me about life, and there's a place in my heart for all of them."
-- Tori; New York Post, Jan 12, 1996

I: The other one was Trent Reznor I know part of this was recorded in New Orleans. Are you..what's he up to? Do you keep an ongoing relationship?
T: Well..I'm sure he's doing fine. No we're friends. And um..things got kind of busy. And sometimes it happens. I mean Michael Stipe's a friend, Peter Gabriel's a friend, Trent's a friend..and sometimes you know you don't talk for a while but I consider them all friends.
-- Tori; CFNY Interview, Jan 29, 1996

"This person [Eric] walking out the door, this affects me - at least I'm not so numb. And if you're numb, you can't dance. So it [Boys For Pele] became this thing about celebrating loss. Because I value it and it's touched my heart and I'm hurting that it's going. At least it meant something to me. When Trent Reznor wrote "Hurt" - 'I hurt myself today, to see if I could feel' - I thought, 'Hey, this girl [Talula] *feels* man.'"
-- Tori; Vox Magazine, May 1996

The interviewer asks Trent about musicians whom he considers friends: "Tori would be another example. She called me to do this vocal track. It wasn't that big a deal. Her first album was permanently in my car's CD changer. It really struck me as well written, in a similar vein to what I was doing-from a different point of view, but the same kind of addicting, pouring out, gushing, baring, naked kind of song. Other people put their fingers in the pie, and they kind of messed up a friendship. We're not that close now. Some malicious meddling on the part of Courtney Love. But I still feel the same feelings for Tori."
-- Trent Reznor; Spin Magazine, 1996

I: What do you think of Stimpy's new record?
T: What did you say?
I: "Stimpy" Trent Reznor's new album?
T: Oh. Ask that question again.
I: What do you think of Stimpy's new album?
T: How do you know all this nonsense?
I: I read it on one of the few Tori Amos websites that didn't have the word obsessed in the title. Are you surprised that I know that you nick-named Trent Reznor "Stimpy"?
T: Uh-huh.
I: It was in a FAQ from 1994. I presume 1994 would have been the height of Ren & Stimpy.
T: It was a bit to do with that. It's a joke.
I: The album?
T: No no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. In 1994, calling him "Stimpy". It was having a bit of a giggle. I have not had the chance to hear Trent's album, but it's something I want to do. You have to understand, I don't even have a CD player on the road with me now. Right now I am negotiating maybe three hours of sleep a night. That's where I am right now in my life. But I've heard some wonderful things about it.
-- Tori; Juice Magazine, Jan 2000

Way back in 1994, when the only men she was dissecting were her father and God, Amos told Spin, "I love the screaming male aggression of [Trent Reznor's] music, because I'm not in touch with that part of myself so much. I think there ought to be a raging-male cruise line we could take, go to seven islands and just watch these guys act out."
-- Tori; Village Voice, Oct 3-9, 2001

"so i was the one with the balls to give mr trent reznor my past the mission promo single to sign today at the in store in NYC. first of all 3 other guys from the band were sitting at the table before him, and i held onto my cd, gave them a NIN vinyl and was thinking to myself, you guys arent getting your grubby paws on this so dont even look at it. and then i get up to trent. i put it on the table, he took his finger and touched the endge to slide it over to him like it had an infectious disease. then he took his pinky finger and made it straight and read it. while he was looking down at this for several seconds, he looked up over top at me, down at the cd again, and then back at me. and then he said "you want me to sign THIS?" and i said yes please. then he leaned over the table twords me and said in a really low voice, "you know, i dont think she would be too happy about that, as a matter of fact i think she would be rather pissy." and i said, well thats alright, i am going to give it to her to sign next so we will see what she says, i usually am lucky enough to get something signed each time she tours, and that is top of my list. he laughed and said alright i will sign it. and he did. and i thanked him and told him how awesome it was that he was even doing the in store, and dealing with my obnoxiousness in making him sign that. and as i went to turn away, he grabbed my hand (OH MY GOD TRENT TOUCHED ME !!!!!) and he said "when you give that to her, MAKE SURE, you tell her that this whole thing was your idea, and i sure as hell had nothing to do with it." and he laughed and smiled and i said i will i swear and i went away a happy camper."
-- miao0726 (Tori Amos fan), NIN In-store signing

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