In the latest official email newsletter from, an audio message from Tori says this about the Posse characters:

You can look for them online. They will all be accessible if you can find their blogs, which they update frequently. Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt this season, I’m hosting a Posse Hunt. Happy hunting.

Fans have been scouring the interweb for the POSSE BLOGS and we’re beginning to get confirmation from Undented on the real ones. Be aware that there are pesky fake ones out there as well. I’ll be adding the confirmed blogs to the American Doll Posse Blogs list on the bottom-right column of this page to help keep track of them. Good luck!


24 Responses to POSSE HUNT

  1. chimera says:

    i sent my friend request and eager to post my views. :o)
    thank you.

  2. Gustopher says: – here’s a link where you can listen to “Teenage Hustling” (at the top of the page where it says “Spring Music Review,” click “listen to the entire show” and forward to 26:00). Scroll down and you can listen to all of “Big Wheel” by, weirdly enough, clicking on “Listen to ‘Teenage Hustling.'”

  3. brett says:

    okay.. now THIS is too fun you guys. ahh..i love tori.

  4. jpsjr75 says:

    Has any one found Clyde? or PIP? eager to see what there thoughts bring iout in my work. -thankx.

  5. Margaret says:

    I have the following for Clyde:
    And here for Pip:
    But I’m having serious doubts as to the authenticity of Pip.

  6. weeping says:

    wow, you guys are good in hunting!!

  7. Stinky says:

    I wish Tori were hosting an easter egg hunt too.

  8. christina says:

    i doubt the pip one, i don’t know. it doesn’t seem like the others.

  9. christina says:

    that, and it’s cheesy. neither of the other two make sly tori references or talk about their “group of friends”

  10. christina says:

    this is just my guess, but i feel like the different ones are going to be on different sites. one on myspace, one on blogger, one on lj, etc.

  11. christina says:

    i dont know if you all saw, but isabel’s is confirmed.

  12. Nicole says:

    Have any of you see a Tori blog? I can’t find one…even an imposter. There is a total of five, correct? So, why is this one so elusive?

  13. Trichinella_spiralis says:

    Here you have, The first-found Tori’s blog so far (or at least the only one i’ve seen). I have my doubts about it, she is 88 years old, as Santa and Isabel (both confirmed), she was born in Wampum (which could be a reference to the real Tori, but it would be too obvious) and the post really sounds like the others. I couldn’t find the date when it was created and there are only two friends added, also it’s on MySpace… Tori’s real blog.

    Here you have the direction:

  14. Nicole says:

    I just saw that undented confirmed Clyde’s blog :

  15. Dana says:

    i think pip is fake, the other confirmed one’s say age 88, pip – no age?

  16. christina says:

    if you look closely, youll see this person signed up in the summer of 2006. they have since changed their profile to be like that.

  17. kathy says:

    why post (posse) tori’s blog as tori’s myspace? those corporate blogs don’t reveal anything about character or relate to the other posse characters (“tori available digitally”). will there only be 4 posse blogs, then? if there are to only be 4, then why list tori on the posse blog anyway, especially when her myspace is listed under ‘official sites’ just slightly lower?
    does this drive anyone else crazy, or is it just me?

  18. christina. says:

    i think it’s to signify to people that tori’s is simply hers, to not look for another. but i could be wrong.

  19. MarianneRose says:

    Yes I agree with christina. I don’t think ther is going to be a Tori blog.
    BTW has anyone found Pip’s yet?

  20. Audrey says:

    kathy, i added it because it was listed on Undented with the Posse blogs, so I assumed that was what they were saying (as christina stated). but i agree with you that it would seem that “tori’s blog” should be something containing her “thoughts” that jive with what the other women are writing and not just the official site. cuz that would be lazy!

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