tori bleeding Tori Amos’ 9th studio album entitled American Doll Posse, has just been listed on AMAZON.COM to be released in the US on May 1, 2007 on Epic Records. Click Here to Pre-Order “American Doll Posse” @ Now!

Other store listings:
Barnes & Noble
Cede (Sweden)

The album was written and produced by Tori at Martian Engineering in Cornwall, England. There aren’t any official details about the official album artwork or track listings, although there have been reports of “psuedo-confirmed” tracks around the fan community. The track listings have not been officially confirmed, so be aware.

1 Yo George 01:27
2 Big Wheel 03:18
3 Bouncing off Clouds 04:08
4 Teenage Hustling 03:59
5 Digital Ghost 03:51
6 You Can Bring Your Dog 04:03
7 Mr. Bad Man 03:19
8 Fat Slut 00:40
9 Girl Disappearing 04:00
10 Secret Spell 04:03
11 Devils and Gods 00:52
12 Body and Soul 03:56
13 Father’s Son 04:00
14 Programmable Soda 01:25
15 Code Red 05:26
16 Roosterspur Bridge 04:00
17 Beauty of Speed 04:08
18 Almost Rosey 05:22
19 Velvet Revolution 01:19
20 Dark Side of the Sun 04:18
21 Posse Bonus Album 01:50
22 Smokey Joe Album 04:16
23 Dragon 05:05

It’s probably also worth mentioning two other exciting upcoming non-Tori releases:

bjork: volta Björk releases her next studio album VOLTA on May 7th 2007. ‘Volta’ is Björk’s sixth studio album and features ten brand new and original tracks entirely written and produced by Björk. Click Here to Pre-Order “Volta” @ Now!

Nine Inch Nails Year Zero Nine Inch Nails releases their next studio album YEAR ZERO (halo 24) on April 17, 2007. Trent Reznor produced it in collaboration with engineer Atticus Ross and longtime collaborator Alan Moulder mixed the album. The official tracklisting is available at the official website. Click Here to Pre-Order “Year Zero” @ Now!


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